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Hello to Kindleboarders.

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I am Holgater from England, it was only very recently that I discovered Kindle. I have since posted four e-books on Amazon. It seems to be a thriving community here; and as the popularity of Kindle soars to new heights; I am sure these boards will also.

It's nice to be here. :)
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Hello there Holgater,

Welcome to Kindle Boards!
Thank you for the welcome Dara. :)
So sorry Valmore and P.J. I did not see your replys at first, thank you for the welcome greeting. :)
Hello, and welcome from Canada.  Glad to have you with us.

Dan --
Thank you Daniel, I hope to enjoy it here. :) 
Hi Holgater!  Great that you made it here.  Welcome to the Kindle boards!
Greetings from Chicago.  :) Glad you are here.
Welcome to the of the friendliest and fastest growing communities on-line. !
Welcome aboard, Holgater.  :)
Thank you all for such a kind Kindle welcome. :)
Welcome to the boards!
Thanks Colin and everyone else, I am now begining to find my way around.
Welcome.  I'm also a writer, and hail from Canada where we've been enjoying your Wiliam and Kate.  ;)  Wishing you happy reading and good luck with your own writing!

Best, Joan
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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