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I've had my Kindle for almost two months now, and I love it. I think my parents are regretting giving it to me, because I can't stop reading now. Not that I didn't read almost constantly before, but most of my books are somewhat old and fragile, and didn't have the portability of the Kindle.

I've also been a reader of ebooks for a long time. Project Gutenberg is, perhaps, my favorite website, and a couple of years ago I started a blog-- talk about the funny old books I find on the internet.The first thing I did when I got my Kindle was to try out Amazons conversion services for various formats of ebooks I already had. Since then, I've progressed to a program called Stanza--which is for Macs and is available free from Lexcycle--which will convert practically anything.

I'm really interested in starting a Kindle book club of my own, maybe on Kindleboards and maybe somewhere else, to share some of my old ebook finds--mostly mystery, adventure, and romance novels from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries--and I'm wondering whether there would be much interest.
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