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Please can the wonderful KBers help me with my blurb. This is a romantic comedy.

Grace, Bonnie Beaufort’s longstanding maid is on a self-imposed mission: she’s desperate to find Bonnie a new husband.

The day Bonnie confirms her long awaited pregnancy is bitter-sweet. She discovers Neville, her husband of eight years has left her for his pregnant secretary. Bonnie’s sadness is Grace’s delight – Neville was her nemesis.

Grace and her accomplice Rose, devise a plan to find a nicer husband and earmark Clive Winterton who lives in the same complex and drives a white Mercedes Benz!

But first they visit a sangoma (witch-doctor) for good advice. To their horror he reveals Neville’s ‘fluid’ is weak and Bonnie has had a medical intervention to fall pregnant. Mortified, they misconstrue this and assume Bonnie had sex with her doctor. But more to their astonishment, if Neville’s fluid is weak; how did he make his floozy pregnant? Time for sleuthing – they find out where Neville and his floozy live and under the disguise of Opera Freywin (Grace) and Ruby Matwetwe (Rose) they interview Neville’s maid with a promise of a film contract in ‘Happy Maids’, a non-existent film company! Pleased with the crucial information easily extracted, Grace reports her finding to Bonnie, convinced this will expedite her divorce so she can proceed with her matchmaking with Clive. But nothing works to Grace’s plan.

Many thanks
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