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I just got a delivery from UPS for my paperback order. Now that my book Requiem is available in both E-book and paperback format on Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon, I want to send a press release to local and regional newspapers. I am also going to send them to press release websites that have been mentioned on this site as well as others. The following is a copy that I have so far. For those of us on this site that have experience in such matters I would like your opinion as well giving it a once over to make sure it looks ok information and format wise.


Contact: S.B. Jones

E-mail: [email protected]


Science Fiction Steampunk Author S.B. Jones Launches New Series 'The Eternal Gateway' With The First Novel Titled 'Requiem'.

International selling author, S.B. Jones, releases the first book in his science fiction steampunk trilogy. 'Requiem' begins 'The Eternal Gateway' series and is available in paperback and e-book format at, and

The Mage Council has been disbanded. The ruling class for a thousand years is dissolved after the War of Antiquities and technology gives rise to a new era.

Kail Kelly, a young man who has spent his life on his aunt and uncle's farm, finds himself in the middle of a desperate power grab by the last ruler of the Mage Council and a time traveling mage known as The Guardian who is trying to prevent the world from falling to darkness.

Angela Atagi, the mysterious woman born a thousand years in the past who also has the unique ability to fly, is given a second chance by The Guardian if she plays her part in the prophecy.

With the help of an unlikely group thrown together by The Guardian, including the captain of a prototype airship, they set about unlocking hidden powers on a journey that takes them across the world and to the edge of time.

S.B. Jones grew up in the South Central Idaho area of Twin Falls, Jerome and Hagerman. He's a graduate of Twin Falls High School and College of Southern Idaho. He regularly attends the DefCon hacker convention in Las Vegas and has traveled to the Philippines, El Salvador and Ireland.

ISBN: 978-0983681823


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From my experience in the newspaper biz (I ran an alt weekly for about a decade), I can tell you that a press release announcing your book's publication isn't likely to generate much press. I mean, it can't hurt or anything, but press releases are for news, and unfortunately "a book came out" isn't.

If you can peg the press release to some kind of event -- a signing, a reading, or something that happens on a specific date -- you might fare a little better. Or, if the papers do book reviews at all, send them a review copy (but don't hold your breath -- newspapers that do review books generally don't review too many).
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