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Help! I can't stop clicking.

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Ever since I released my latest, I have become completely obsessed with clicking the reports for sales. Yes, I often clicked before this, but now it's like I'm a monkey trying to get the banana from pushing the right button.

Anyone else go overboard looking at their sales numbers?
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Yes, and I think you'll find that is a common problem ;D I'm even worse on free days ("I've written two paragraphs, I can check my numbers again!")
It's true I'm in the same boat. But I am trying to stop, I wonder if anyone faces a withdrawal when stopping...
Bah... it's good to check often. If I check every five to ten minutes, then I'm not upset when I haven't gotten more than a sale or two. If I only checked once a day, it would be clearer and very depressing when there are significant slowdowns.

So for me, checking whenever I need a break from my current task is less demotivating than checking once a day.
I find that the free days are ridiculous. My book has been free yesterday and today and it's been going like hotcakes. It's oddly addictive to constantly check and then SQUEEE! when the numbers go up.  :D

On the more usual paid days, I try to only check once a day in the evenings. I must be too new at this to limit myself to once a week like some folks around here. My expectations are pretty low at this point, tho, which helps when I only sell a few.

Anyhoo, you are not alone!
Which means that you should turn off your internet when you write >.>
I too have this problem. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem in the first place, right?

I try turning the internet off at my computer with the Freedom app. But then, oh hey look, I'll just quickly check them on the iPad or iPod... yeahhhhh. Unplugging the modem doesn't work - in a moment of weakness I just plug it back in. Maybe I need my partner to leave the house with all other internet accessible devices...
I've been considering a 10-step process for obsessive sales monitoring by authors.

If you look at KDP, KOBO, CS and B&N, you can sit just repeating the cycle for hours. Throw in a quick check of rank and reviews on Author Central and combine with a dash of checking your Author Rank and by the time you're done, you're ready to start all over again. Thank goodness iTunes only updates nightly.

Perhaps we should write a eBook on a 10 step process and sell it for .99.
We could have pay-per-session support meetings via the net.
It would give us additional sales to monitor.
Amazon is seriously missing the boat by not placing ads on the report page.
A research study called "An Analysis of Superstitious Behavior in the Rat " showed that if rats were given a food pellet every time they pressed a bar, they would stop pressing soon after the pellets stop coming. OTOH, if they had only occasionally received a pellet for pressing the bar (inconstant reward), they would keep pressing the bar long after the pellets stopped coming.
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