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Hi all:

I know I could research this and figure it out myself but I'm hoping someone here already knows the answer.

One of my son's friends has just graduated with a degree in graphic arts (graphic design, something like that) and wants to try designing a cover for me.  I think I know what I want but she has some ideas of her own (which is great). 

My version involves several different stock photos (skyline from one, building from another, etc.).  So I have to buy the stock photos first, right?  (No big deal, they're not that expensive.)  What size photos do I need?  And since I'm planning on going electronic only, are the stock photos at 72 dpi acceptable?

And what about the cover actually submitted to Amazon?  What size is that?  Amazon creates the thumbnail from the image I give it, I don't actually submit two different-sized images, correct?  And is there a standard size for banner ads?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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