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Help with a 90-character blurb, please!

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My book is taking a long while to pick up, so I am going to get a little, inexpensive ad and see if it works. The ad I am looking to get allows for 90 characters of caption.

What could I say about the book linked below in 90 characters or less that could entice you?

I was thinking, "Searing passion in the frozen north," but that sounded a little too purple even for me...


Full Blurb:

How do you relate to a man who doesn't want you to?

Josie Sergeant has learned one thing by carving out her living from the wilds of the Canadian north: perseverance, optimism and the willingness to do what has to be done can overcome even the harshest of obstacles. Life has taught Theo Sabich, a fellow rancher from Australia, that optimism is a fool's hope.

When their beloved siblings' impetuous marriage plans pit Josie and Theo against one another to defend their families, they find more than they bargain for. And when they start seeing each other as more than enemies, they face their greatest challenge - finding the courage to reach out for happiness.

Under the northern lights, their attraction ignites beyond their control - The trouble is a one-time "no strings attached" release of passion is easier said than done when love is hanging by a thread.


Themes of the book are loneliness and isolation, healing from tragedy, second chances and a woman who is a born fixer/caregiver and a tormented man who wants to reject her, but can't. Imagery obviously includes buffaloes, northern lights, snow, wilderness, ranches and the land.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks! :)

ETA: The book's alternate blurb from my own website:

"You want to heal me, like one of your stray dogs..."

When Canadian rancher Josie Sergeant gets a call from her brother announcing his impetuous decision to marry, she has her reservations. But, when her brother's would-be brother-in-law swoops in from Australia to stop the wedding, Josie has no choice but to defend the family.

Theo Sabich is bull-headed and dangerously sexy, but also damaged beyond repair… or so he thinks. He enjoys getting on Josie's nerves, but when he finds her getting under his skin he must decide - face his demons and grab this last chance for happiness or bury himself in his lonely Outback ranch once and for all.

Under the northern lights, their attraction ignites beyond their control, and Josie finds that a one-time "no strings attached" release of passion is easier said than done when love is hanging by a thread.

But how will they bridge the difference between two worlds, let alone conquer the wounds of the past and find the courage to live again?
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Basically, I need a tagline. With my new works, I have that from the word go, but back when I finished this one, it wasn't in my head.

Am still stewing on it...
Does this pique anyone's interest?

Josie has always brought home strays. Only now, the stray is an unwilling Australian.

(85 characters.)
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