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I am purchasing a K2 off a member here. I am planning on skinning it in Van Gogh Irises from DG.

At first I thought I'd like to have the Pebbled Purple M-edge Platform jacket.
But I'm not sure the purple is going to go that well.
I then thought about the Smooth Jade Green Platform. I'm not sure I'd like smooth though.

I have looked at the Noreve covers after reading someone else's posts today.
The olive green is nice, the light purple, and I even like the baby blue, but I think the blue would clash with the Iris skin.

I really like the Platform M-edge. I like the way they prop up for reading.

Does anyone have a Smooth Jade Green M-edge that they could post pics?
I would like to see it in another setting.

Thank you for any input.
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