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Help with Google Play

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Does anyone have any advice for me? I keep getting the "server rejected" error when I try to upload my epub. I've had the epub file validated at two places. I uploaded it to D2D and downloaded their version. No matter what I do I get a server rejected error from Google.

I thought it might be the file name, so I created one without spaces. Didn't work. I even created a file name with just two letters, and it still didn't work.

Anyone know what the voodoo is for Google Play?
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Sometimes things like that happen because you need to clear your cache or something like that.

What I will say is that Google is tricky. It took me awhile to master it. I still miss things there if I'm not careful.
1. See if you can contact the directly
2. Keep a goat handy  ;)
When you use D2D for your epub, if you open the file to check it, that maybe your problem. Try saving it without opening it. If you have to check your file for any reason, then download the PDF and check it. I hope this helps.
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