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Marilyn Peake said:
Thanks for posting this! This is FANTASTIC! I'm just starting to do Blog Tours and I'm delighted to see a list of Blog Tours on your list.
How are the blog tours working for you? Which ones have you tried and what did you think of them?
Thanks for anything you feel like sharing.

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Definitely agree with jaiken on 99designs being a great resource for covers! If your budget is low, but you can afford more than Fiverr, then it's totally worth it.

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I've been checking out 99 designs. I love that you get so many cover choices. But I would recommend going the least expensive choice, because I'm not really seeing a difference in quality between the three price levels.


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Hey there,

Thanks for the lists, much appreciated.  I am traditionally e-published but am wondering, having watched all the changes in the industry, what is the key piece of advice that can be given and more importantly, how much does paid exposure actually help?  I'm thinking in terms of ROI.

And where are the higher ROI places? 

I'm not a new writer, I'm a veteran but have spent most of my time writing, not really marketing.  My latest novel is doing okay but I'd like to see bettter results.  I'm listed with a number of the free sites, but if I"m going to spend advertising dollars, I want the most bang for my buck.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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Raul Sanchez said:
It is a very nice list. But regarding the promo sites: it would be helpfull to have a separate list of those who allows free submission, so that maybe it is required a new topic with just free promo resources (sorry if any already exists, but I did not find it) Thanks, anyway.
This post is two years old, and I'm not sure the original poster visits this forum anymore.

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Sophrosyne said:
Updated List. Let me know if I've missed anyone.

From Christiana Miller

You can find these links as a clickable document (which will be updated
with new links as I find more of them) on my website at:

To Publish:

Writing, Formatting and Conversion Software:

Important Links if You Want to Publish Audiobooks: (Podcast-based audiobooks)

To Buy ISBNs: (U.S.) (U.K.)

Conversion Software:

Blogs That You Should Check Out:
(also on YouTube at:

Publicity Blogs To Notify For Promos (Free, Bargain, Regular Price as well as National and International): (day of) our authors/ref=cm_cd_tfp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx2UYC1FC06SU8S&cdThread=Tx26GH5ZWBDFOMN,130101.0.html (free) (bargain) - gid=0 - gid=0
mailto:[email protected] (Kindle Fire Dept)
mailto:[email protected] (Germany)
mailto:[email protected]

Inexpensive Blog Tours (more expensive) (traditionally-published books only)

Editing Software (free or cheap)

Freelance Editors and Proofreaders:


Cover Designers: (also (also (also (also (LFD Designs)

Freelance Places to Look/List for Inexpensive Cover Designer:


Cover Art:

All-In-One Service Providers (formatting, editing, covers, publicity):

Sarie Morrell Author and Book Promotions

Fee-based Publisher:

Helpful Boards:,60.0.html (Writer's Cafe) (Writer's Forum) (Forum)

Industry News:

Transferring paper books to e-files:

U.S. Copyright Office:

To Get a List of E-Book Formatters and Cover Artists:
Send an email to Smashwords, asking for Mark's List.

To Get More Lists of Just About Everthing:

Sign into Writer's Café on the Kindle Boards and go to Kindleboards Yellow Pages for Writers.,50419.msg868937.html#msg868937

Here's the link to the thread you can find this list on:,111778.125.html


You can also download "Be The Monkey" for free, from either Barry Eisler's or J.A. Konrath's webstores for a discussion on indie publishing vs. legacy publishing.

E-Book Formatting: (IBM) (Mac)

Audiobook Formatting:

That is a lot, Thanks so much!
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