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dog said:
I hear you, but loving to read doesn't neatly translate to "getting" it. For a lot of folks this kind of technology is not at all intuitive and in fact is counter intuitive. The point to me is to help folks; yes, even "dense" folks (and how do we even decide that?). Maybe I am a little too zen for most, but I want folks to learn and grow, and shutting down folks isn't growthful in my experiences. I am not denying frustration or geez reactions, but I take a deep breath and move on to help folks. Most folks aren't trolls or otherwise, they really want to learn; so there you go. humans are amazing beings...
I agree. If you don't care for Oprah then fine but she herself admitted to not being a electronics person. I took it as her being very excited about this new product and yes she even admitted she was talking way more then Jeff. She is an avid reader and maybe she should have devoted more time to explaining the Kindle, perhaps write her a letter and ask her to go back and do so. while I don't always care for Oprah, she did turn me on to this new little amazing device and the more the merrier. Even the technologically impaired. If I didn't have all the computer knowledge I do I would have been totally lost about using the Kindle so if some people don't get it as quickly as others then lets try to help them out. Even the annoying ones, if they really want help and aren't just looking for trouble.

Now I am trying to figure out the best way to handle the kindle while reading without inadvertently turning the pages. So far this is my only concern. And finding a better lightweight cover.

Peace, love and good reading. :D
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