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Just joined Kboards. I am absolutely certain that a vast majority of people on this forum, like myself, being either a writer or reader have the tendency to be a hermit crab... and if there was only a way to succeed without marketing or putting yourself out there, well, please tell me.

But it's unavoidable.

And although I have no dreams of grandeur, or under no illusion in regard to my writing ability, I'm certain I will be able to add insight or interject a different perspective on certain subjects, for what ever assistance that may be worth.

My ultimate goal: Sustain a living as a fiction writer.
Worse case goal: Have a small library of self published works on my shelf, that look nice, make for good conversation starters, and as the majority of visitors I would have in my home wouldn't take the time to read the works, I would at least have the highly esteemed accolade of 'writer'.

Thanks in advance, and good to be here.
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