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Hey! Where did he come from?!

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After reading and posting on Edward's thread on Snippets, and after looking at the other threads, I see that authors seem to have one thing in common: They love their characters. I thought maybe that we should have a thread that we use to talk about our characters, you know, tell everyone about our favorite characters, the ones that make us tick and talk about how they evolved, or where they came from. I have had a number of readers ask me how I came up with so and so or such and such and I'm always just overflowing with the answers, overjoyed at the chance to talk about my knights and their ladies and my villains and other characters, especially the fairies, sorcerers (esses) and such. So what do you think? Want to say something about your leading ladies, guys, creatures or whatever? I'd say we should try to keep them sized to about the size of the posting window if possible so we don't get carried away. I can't wait to see what comes up. Happy Reading! Happy Writing! And Happy whatever else you might be doing! ;D
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Brendan Carroll said:
Oh, yeah, I know this Bathory chic. She lived two blocks over in a former incarnation of mine as a chimney sweep in Hungary. Let me tell you! I wouldn't clean her chimney!! I, too, have a Queen of most evilness, she lives in the Abyss and gives everyone a fit after the Templars inadvertantly wake her up. Coincidentally, she is the main adversary in Book IX (that's 9 or nine for non-Romans out there). Yeppers, the very same IX that somehow got confused with VI (6 or six). I have this problem with numbers... anyway as I have said. I love evil women... I mean characters, FGS!
MAN I go to work and all h--l breaks loose, an everyones having fun wait, to much fun at least I can read it folks have alot of pentup emotions that you really need to work on releasing ha hah ha...I love lurking on the edges of the pages it makes me feel hungry... no makes me feel intellgenta (sp) er smart...I am enjoying being a part of the kb board and being given an opportunity to be in the "presence" of so many "thinkin" people...keep this one up!
Brendan Carroll said:
Time to talk about another character that plays a leading role in The Red Cross of Gold Series. Simon of Grenoble, AKA Simon d'Ornan, AKA Mystic Healer, AKA Chevalier du Serpent, AKA the Knight of the Serpent. Simon is a little fellow, relatively speaking, blonde with large blue eyes, soft-spoken and very priestly... ahem... he is a priest. A
I'm bout halfway thru book 1 and i really like all th e charactrs... the way they seem 2 be at each others throats and their backs... ha, ha. I enjoy the way Mark handles his buisness and I really HATE cecile and her group. I'm gonna go out on a limb and spring for book for Book 2 while its on sale. Ha! I'll keep you posted on how it goes like you don't already know. ;D Have a good week. vw
Meredith Sinclair said:
Where has this one been? I had forgotten all aboot this thread... Oh, how I love discussing the characters of my favorite books! Quite a few people were posting on here a while back... what happened??? I am glad 'tis back never the less... ;D

Oh, and LUKE... Oh, what an awesome specimen of a man... ;) He is sooooo
Meredith FYI :
Brendan patterened Luke after he led me to believe But he does not quite catch my "vikingnus" work on that Brendan me lad...just sayting :)
OliviaD I have started on this book last nite and so far wow this is tight its a super read...I will have to keep an eye on my Kindale as if anyone sees this they might borrow it and I would have to go all Viking on them ...thanks for the book its just like I member the little town that I grew up in ... :D
Great...Me n th' crew wold be very happy to clawberate you with a heavy  I mean coalate with you on your next 'venture... your book is just a feel good book  thanks
OliviaD said:
Thank you, Vikingwarrior. How's your knee? Maureen Miller explained what Kneewood is. A banged up knee didn't stop you from reading or writing, did it? :) And Miss Meredith, I may get some good colloquialisms off of the Warrior if he doesn't mind my quoting him in my next book... what say you, Mr. VW? I'm thinking of writing a book about Vikings. LOL
Ms. Olivia glad to report that my knees is about as good as it once was...still no pogo sticks,skateboards or tater sack races combined with jumping jacks...I swear the Dr. said no standing or walking and the DW is starting to complain about toteing me on her back... :D
I enjoy these scenes and try to remember them so that I can act them out on the crew...I read the books before the crew gets to read them  :D
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