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Hi, New here, still finding my way 'round.  :)
Hope to be scrolling thru messages and posting proficiently soon.  8)
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Thanks for the quick welcome Valmore Daniels. As I said, it will take me some time for me to find my way round here but I hope to frequent it often.
Welcome Ann.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.
Welcome aboard.  Tell us what kind of books you like.
Welcome to KB!
Welcome!!  8) I look forward to reading your posts!!

Welcome to the boards!  Nice to meet you.  It takes time, but it will be a fun exploration.  Enjoy the community!  :)

WOW, you all sure do know how to make a person feel welcome. Thanks guys  ;D.

I have to ask tho, there do not seem to be too many genre specific areas to post in. For example, 'chick-lit,' western or  or super natural for kids. is there a reason for this that I am not seeing? Not that that will drive me away but I just did not find any such thread headers and I thought that such headers would make the forums more reader friendly.

Great, some kind mod rearranged my book links below. I kept looking for a way to make them read left to right instead of top to bottom. I wanted to do that myself. Thanks a bunch mods :-D

I'm new to Kindle Boards too :) Good luck!

-Linda Kovic-Skow
Hi and Welcome to Kindleboards!!!  ;D

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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