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Hi Melissa,

Welcome to Kindleboards. I'm from Ohio also! I'm in between Cleveland and Akron.

This is a great board but very addictive :)

Most days I end up reading more posts on here that I read my Kindle.

I've had my Kindle since the middle of December 2008 and at it's working great! I have too much invested in my Kindle to upgrade right now.

But I am looking forward to next week when so many people are getting theirs. It should be an exciting week on here. I'm also anxious to read posts from people that currently own a K1 and how they really compare.

My sister is getting one on the 25th so I'll at least be able see one.

Again welcome. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time on here :)

Lynn M

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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