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Hi Guys and Gals

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Hi everyone,

Been spying on you lot for a long while now and decided to finally take the next step and sign up!!

I am a proud erotica writer with varied stories published across the web and have only just moved into the Kindle world.  (I've also been involved with a bit of acting - but that's for another time)

So here I am and look forward to becoming an active member!!!

Jade Logan
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Welcome! Enjoy your time here!
Welcome Jade.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.
Hi Jade,

Welcome to the boards!  Nice to meet you.  Congrats on Kindling.  Enjoy the community! 

Hi, Jade, and welcome aboard.  Wishing you every continued success with your writing.

Dan --
Hi Jade!!  8) Welcome to the boards; hope you do well with your book!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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