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Hi, I'm from Springfield, MA

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I got my Kindle a year ago and I just found this forum through Amazon's Kindle Forum.  I love my Kindle and have over 400 books downloaded.  One day I bought so many books my credit card security department called me and asked if I made all those purchases.  I told them "yes" and after that they didn't call again.

There's so many great things about having the Kindle.  Regular books take up so much space and need to be dusted.  I like the larger font and the newspaper print is easy on the eyes.  I like being able to search the web through my Kindle and to send myself email. 

My sister Debbie lives in Texas.  We like a lot of the same books.  I bought her a Kindle and kept the account under my name.  So she has access to all of my books.

Long live the Kindle!
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I use to live in North Andover, MA until 3 years ago...does that count?
Betsy the Quilter said:
To all our Mass Kindlers:

The news just said that 350,000 people across the state are without power due to the storms. Hope everyone is staying warm and that your Kindle is fully charged!

Oh... How well I remember those terrible ice storms in Massachusetts that destroyed my trees and kept me in the dark for days. When I get sad and start missing New England I just remember the noreaster's. I hope the power comes back on quickly...stay warm.
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