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Hi, I'm from Springfield, MA

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I got my Kindle a year ago and I just found this forum through Amazon's Kindle Forum.  I love my Kindle and have over 400 books downloaded.  One day I bought so many books my credit card security department called me and asked if I made all those purchases.  I told them "yes" and after that they didn't call again.

There's so many great things about having the Kindle.  Regular books take up so much space and need to be dusted.  I like the larger font and the newspaper print is easy on the eyes.  I like being able to search the web through my Kindle and to send myself email. 

My sister Debbie lives in Texas.  We like a lot of the same books.  I bought her a Kindle and kept the account under my name.  So she has access to all of my books.

Long live the Kindle!
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Angela said:
Hi Avalon and welcome to the family!! Glad to have you here. Does your sister know about KindleBoards, too? Tell her to come join us. I am in Texas, too!
Thanks to everyone here for the warm welcome. I hope this forum continues to grow.
Both my sister and I were born in San Antonio, TX. Yes, I told my sister in Texas about the Kinde Board and I sent her the link. I have a daughter who lives in Springfield, MO and a girlfriend in Springfield, Oregon.

Of all the Springfield's in the US Springfield, MA is largest in population and then Springfield, MO.
sebat said:
When my husband took his boards for his RDCS we were living in Springfield, IL. He show up at the appointed time and they didn't have his name. Come to find out they had registered him to take the test in Springfield, MA. He didn't make it for his appointed time. ;D

They are all nice small cities. I think Springfield, IL was around 115,000 when I lived there.
That's funny! Although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. I'm going to sound stupid here and ask what RDCS stands for.
Any Kindler owners from Massachusetts?

A couple of months ago I was in a restaurant reading my Kindle.  The waitress said she had another customer before that had an electronic book.  She didn't say if it was a Kindle.

mwb said:
Well, there's at least one more!

Been a kindle owner for about 8 months. After reading the Amazon board all this time but growing increasing frustrated with it, found this one and I'm delighted - way, way better.

I got three co-workers to buy their own Kindles and I once sat on the subway opposite someone with a Kindle.

And I've fielded dozens of "What is that?" "Is that a Kindle?" questions during that time.

Our time is coming...
Yeah!! Glad to have you here. I was at the Boston Aquarium this last July. My sister took off with our grandkids and I sat down and read my Kindle. I had an older woman sitting next to me and she said her daughter wanted to get her one.

I found my way here from Amazon December 3rd. This is a great group of Kindler's. We look forward to reading your posts.
Lynda said:
I'm in Jamaica Plain area of Boston, happily using my Kindle. I've taken it into work by request a few times to show...another coworker bought one and several either plan to give or receive one for the holidays. I love it. Went to Myrtle Beach last month and spent a happy warm weekend on the beach reading bliss.
Welcome Lynda!

I'm in Springfield, MA. I had my Kindle at the aquarium in Boston this last summer. I had people ask about it. I told them how much I love it and showed them what it could do.
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