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I love the fact that this board as a whole section dedicated to welcoming new people. =)

I especially like that because I'm just starting to realize how lonely and difficult being an author can be. I've taken the big step of putting my writing and work out in the public display for the first time and it's been an emotional journey. Figured there must be a place where other authors gather to talk, so here I am.

My name is Jake Lingwall and I'm a new author that writes sci-fi and fantasy. Mostly YA in those genre's but I've only written a couple of books. My first book is up on Kindle Scout (the first time I've shown my writing to people) so you can check it out there. I plan on being around here for years so don't worry if you view this after the Kindle Scout campaign is over. =) Anyways, happy to be here and I've love to hear any feedback or encouragement for a new author.


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