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Hello Kindle Boards!

My name's Mike Luoma. I'm an independent author and publisher writing and publishing science fiction, comic books (and a couple other things). I live in northern Vermont, where I'm also a radio announcer/host.

Six of my books are available for the Kindle at 99 cents each:

The Vatican Assassin Trilogy (each book 99 cents):
Vatican Assassin
Vatican Ambassador
and Vatican Abdicator

The story: It's 2109 and there's a war going on between the Universal Trade Zone (UTZ) that controls Earth and near-Earth space, and the Universal Islamic Nation (UIN), previously run off of the Earth by the UTZ and now living in old facilities on Mars. Bernard Campion, "BC", works for the pope of the New catholic Church (NcC). BC works for the Office of Papal Operations (OPO). His cover is as a public relations officer to the Cardinal posted to Lunar Prime, the independent city on the Moon. His actual job? Assassin! He's been sent to the Moon to kill their governor, whom the UTZ suspects of sympathizing with the UIN. NcC assassins often do the UTZ's dirty work, a fact unknown to the general population.

I've also got my book of poems, lyrics and spells available for 99 cents for the Kindle: Synthetic Marmalade; and my book about my own discovery and studies of early Christianity, NEO-GNOSIS, is also available for 99 cents. Preview my books or findout more about us at:

I'm going to post the info on the book thread, too. Thanks for having me!

Mike Luoma
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