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Duncan's Mom said:
Thank you all for the kind greetings. I had a lot of fun reading the threads last night/this morning although it made my morning workout even more tiring ;). It's been fun seeing a lot of familiar names from the Amazon Kindle discussion boards.

To answer Betsy's question, Duncan is a West Highland White Terrier aka Westie. Basically he's the white offshoot of the Scottish and Cairn terriers. I must admit he's a cutie, a very spoiled and stubborn cutie. ;D You'll probably be seeing a lot more pictures of him.

Yes, I've already started decking out my Kindle. I bought one skin from DecalGirl and will probably get more. I've also been eyeballing the beautiful Oberon covers too. Still trying to decide which one I like best. Very tough choice. :)

Well, I'm off to read more posts...
Hi, Elisia -

I'm looking forward to many more pics of your Westie Duncan. How long has he been a member of the family? I am glad to see you jumping right in & do share your skin for your Kindle :)


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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