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My name is Adam Craig, I am new to the board, and to the world of self publishing. I am a photographer interested in finding new venues for my photos, to this end I have decided to publish my first photo e-book. Beauty Of The Ordinary.

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Hi Adam, sounds like something a little different. Good luck with the book.

Thanks for the words of welcome.
Welcome to KB, my friend.

Your book sounds interesting, and I love the simplicity of the cover. Great job.
Welcome to the KB and good luck with your book.

As an amateur photographer, I was very interested in learning more of your book.....
unfortunately the sample is only the title page.....not too much information.
Welcome to the boards and the wonderful world of self pubbing.

Hello, Adam, and welcome to the boards.  Wishing you the very best of luck.

Dan --
Welcome to KB
thanks for all the replys, guys. I hope to be more active on the board in the coming days.
Welcome to Kindle boards and good luck with your book.
Welcome Adam. Photography is such a wonderful art and how wonderful you have a new venue to display it. Ebooks sounds like the ideal thing; but they will all be in black and white on Kindle, won't they?  Or has that evolved to color.  Certainly, if not, it can't be long coming.
Wishing you great success!  I write suspense novels, and love my Kindle!

Best, Joan
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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