Looking for something to captivate you this weekend? Start it off right with this intriguing crime mystery!

Hide and Seek, by Michael Zolezzi
293 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 3 reviews

"A fast paced roller coaster ride from the first page! Adventure, romance, mystery this book has it all. A must read!! " -- Amazon Reviewer
There are certain criminal cases that are talked about generations after the investigation is closed.

They are biopsied, broken down, with every move by the detective analyzed. These cases can make legends or goats out of the investigators.

In Hide and Seek, such a case lands in Detective Jake Skinner and his partner, Detective Dan Rico's, laps. Having just transferred from South Bureau Homicide, Jake thought taking down an armed bank robber on his first day was as wild as the RHD ride got. He was wrong.

The kidnapping of the wife of the mayor of Los Angeles, who also happens to be a federal prosecutor threatens the core of one of the world's most famous cities. An internal power struggle, false leads, meddling media, the victim's own family, and Jake's personal struggles all threaten to derail the investigation, an investigation that leads to pure evil.

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Meet the Author

Michael Zolezzi is a Los Angeles Police Department twenty year veteran, and a detective supervisor. His work in Robbery Homicide Division (RHD), Internal Affairs, and being a target of Christopher Dorner, a homicidal former cop, inspired him to write HIDE AND SEEK, a crime thriller.