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I just finished reading Mountain Man and have to say it is, in my opinion, the best written Zombie novel on kindle. While the action is great, this is a character driven story from my point of view because this author can actually write. Due to the author's talent with his characters this novel has a very unique and original feel in its approach to telling a story within a Zombie Apocalypse setting. The book was a great mix of true zombie gore and character development. Not a fast paced thrill ride, not a knock in this case, but a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read. The climatic action sequence was exceptional. -- Amazon reviewer
Mountain Man, by Keith C Blackmore

Samurai bat.
Motorcycle leather.
And the will to live amongst the unliving.

Augustus Berry lives a day-to-day existence comprised of waking up, getting drunk, and preparing for the inevitable day when "they" will come up the side of his mountain and penetrate his fortress. Living on the outskirts of a city and scavenging for whatever supplies remain after civilization died two years ago, Gus knows that every time he goes down into undead suburbia could be his last.

Contains graphic language and scenes of violence. Book two is now available.

Series order:

Book 1: Mountain Man
Book 2: Safari
Book 3: Hellifax

Also :

The Hospital (a single short story, also part of the collection "Cauldron Gristle." This story happens six months before the events of "Mountain Man." )

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Keith is a Canadian writer of Heroic Fantasy and Horror. He currently lives in Newfoundland.

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