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I just finished reading this book. I really wanted to write a great review, and all I can think is: WOW.

In this book is the story of Henry Pluck. He's a man with a simple life and, he thinks, he has it all. He works a job as a bean-counter, another faceless drone in a large company. He lives in a simple box just outside of Las Vegas. He likes to visit senior citizen homes. He thinks life is great, except...

Then he meets Rosa Santana...and everything he knows, thinks or cares about changes.

Sometimes a novel just hits you the right way at the right time. This one did that for me. It's full of rich characters, stunningly three-dimensional, and amazingly real. The plot is clever, the writing sharp. It is funny at times, profoundly sad at others, and dazzilingly intelligent.

I can only say that this book was a joy to read, and goes on my own personal "favorites" list.

Plus, the author, Bryan Dennis, spells his first name right.

It's only 99 cents! Click the link below, Buy it now!
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