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Hiss, Rattle and Bite is a holiday-themed, vampire, urban fantasy novelette by Azaaa Davis.
Sold widely and regularly discounted, this must read dark fantasy releases on 12/15/20 for $0.99!

Hiss, Rattle and Bite

Pick a master and serve.
Serve them well and die.

Marigold wants to die the right way.
She wants a transformative bite from her master.

Vampires have it all:
the statuesque look, the immortal life, and the power to enchant others.
All she has is debt, a distracted boyfriend, and a desire to be more than human.

When unwanted holiday gifts are exchanged between two master vampires,
Marigold's wish might come true if she can survive until dawn.

A perfectly sized introduction into the new paranormal worlds created by urban fantasy and paranormal romance author Azaaa Davis.

Start reading Hiss, Rattle and Bite today for a satisfying bite!

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