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Hit Buy book by Accident

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Last night, I hit "BUY" on a sample on my kindle, by accident.  I hit the cancel button immediately twice before it worked. Today, I checked. No kindle book. Good. I checked my receipt. It said Refund at the botton of the order. Good. I checked my Chase credit card. Usually I would see the amount in Pending first, but instead it shows the amount being charged. No Refund is showing. Does anyone know how long this takes? Should I call Kindle CS or my credit card or wait? If wait, how long? Thanks!
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It might take a day or two. . .especially as it's the weekend.  Just watch it.  Things to check: is it in the archive on Amazon? Is it shown -- andhow -- under 'your orders'? What do the confirmation emails say?

If it hasn't shown up in a few days, contact Amazon -- Kindle CS would be best.  Explain exactly what happened and reference any order information you have. 

This is another reason to keep a GC balance on your account. . . . if you do something like the the crediting and debiting happens in the GC account rather than showing up on your CC statement. :D
Thanks Ann! Nothing so far, but I'll keep checking.
I have downloaded books I already owned, I immediately called Amazon, left a message and within a minute someone calls me back and deletes or removes the book.  They are really great about this.
Thanks Jaimee83. I had cancelled right away after hitting the Buy button from the sample, so I did not get the book. I checked my MYK Page.  I checked & I got the Refund notice email from amazon, which said that it could take up to 10 days. I just did not get my credit/refund from Chase Credit Card yet. Usually I see the amount of the book in pending & that will be the next day after ordering the previous night. I just mistakedly ordered around 12:00 AM & less than a day, no pending, but was charged for the book, so I figured that my credit would also be shown as well, even if it was in pending. Guess not. I will wait & see what happens. As Ann said, maybe it's the weekend, ...

Jaimee83, I just saw a book the other day, that I had previously bought at amazon, but did not show me that I ordered the book, on the book's page. So what I did, was to check my notebook of all books read & there it was. I am glad that you got your situation solved.
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