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Hey there, I'm Chris and I'm a reader!

I also own a marketing company in Finland that caters to authors and produces native English content for Finnish companies, and since my wife is an author we've just started a publishing imprint "DVM Press" under our company here in Finland.

Since our books are KU titles and KBoards is a massive trove of author knowledge regarding book promotions it's actually surprising that it's taken me till now to get over here.

As far as what I read and how I read it? For a while now I've favored the kindle app on my iPhone to read, these days I read most often at the end of the day in bed so having adjustable font size, white on black text, built in backlighting, and night mode to cut down on the blue light have made it a no brainer. At some point I might pick up one of the newer Kindles with the warm tones option and switch to that, but for now it's my iPhone.

In nonfiction I am constantly reading author marketing, platform development, and indie publishing books these days. But in a former life I was a carpenter and wooden boatbuilder so I've also got a ton of actual paper books on tools, wood, and craftsmanship (as well as motors, electronics, etc.)

Fictionwise, I grew up reading Fantasy primarily, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Raymond E Feist, and a TON of others (Robert Jordan, Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman, ok ok...)

These days I read primarily Science Fiction, hard sci fi and space opera, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Alastair Reynolds, the Bobiverse books by Dennis Taylor, William Gibson, The Expanse novels, I mean all of it, lots more, I love it. Just a few days ago I embarked on a full read of Asimov's Robot and Foundation books, reading "The Complete Robot" now (sadly unavailable in eBook format) and plan to read them all in in-universe chronological order. I have to admit I did this also with Star Wars Expanded Universe books back around 2011/2012 reading all of the adult, and some of the more young audience novellas and novels starting at the oldest in-universe novellas at the time which were John Jackson Miller's "Lost Tribe of the Sith" books, and going forward from there chronologically. I got about to the original movie novelizations when they decided all of the EU books weren't canon anymore and called them "Legends" and for some reason that took most of the fun out of it for me. I've gotta tell you though that having "lived" through the entire galactic history in person, and meeting everyone and their entire ancestry "personally" added a whole other level of enjoyment to watching the movies. (So yeah, I'm a Nrrrd)  :eek:

My wife Teija writes under the pen name Taya DeVere, and we're publishing her 20 book, rapid release dystopian sci-fi series called "Unchipped" now. Books are releasing every 18 days and will do so until August of 2021. This is our first foray into indie publishing, though she does have a previous trilogy published under a small indie press called Evolved Publishing.

Other than that, our lives are centered around our horse (Arabella), dog (Seamus), and three ("Baby" very recently passed away so now two) bunnies Ronin, Baby, and Loki here in Finland.

We moved no less than 14 times to various dressage training and boarding barns around the US (Maine, NH, Martha's Vineyard, to San Diego and back to MV, and then Maine) for our first six years together. So in 2016 we figured it was my turn and now were here in Kaarina Southwest Finland. (It's pretty great, winters are brutally dark, but hey, you've gotta pay for the gorgeous 24-hour sunny days in the summer sometime right?)

So there, now you know literally (figuratively) everything. I think I'll go and poke around and see what there is to see here and maybe join some conversations.

Thanks for having me! ;D

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