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Holiday discount pricing

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I'm thinking about reducing everything to $0.99 over the week between Christmas and New Year's--even the $9.99 nonprofit fundraising guide.

What do people think? Is that the week I should be keeping prices where they are ($1.99, $2.99, $3.99, and $9.99), since so many people will be buying? Or can I make things up in volume and poise myself for a great January?

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Don't be spoiling those new kindle owners!  They'll come to expect it and then they'll want everyone's books for next-to-nothing and where will it end? Where, I ask you! Be firm, be strong! Don't give in to the promise of shiny baubles and cheap incentives that are as fleeting as the sensation of finally having gotten to the bottom of the laundry pile

Umm where was I?
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