This fun, quick, absorbing read is a fictional retelling of President Kennedy, Maria Callas and Ari Onassis.

Not sure how they all connect? They were connected thru a doctor who specialized in a cocktail to relieve pain. The authors use these characters to spin a serious web of intrigue.

The doctor in question becomes mercenary, believing his cocktail to be the cure-all of the century. Never mind it's addictive qualities or that withdrawal from it can nearly kill a person. It's a nasty business they are involved in and business between the President and the Greek tycoon is only one of the many sub-plots at work. This a fun, absorbing, quick read.....recommended! -- T. Bundrick, Amazon reviewer
HOOKED, Killer Thrillers Series, Book #1, by Ruth Harris and Michael Harris

Get HOOKED! Sex, greed, ambition, murder, revenge, assassination AND a celebrated Dr. Feelgood. The touch of his hands and the plunge of his needle made every fantasy come true. No wonder so many were HOOKED.

HOOKED and BRAINWASHED are Books #1 & #2 in the Killer Thrillers Series. HOOKED has been in the Top 3 on Amazon's prestigious Movers and Shakers List on numerous occasions; in the Top 100 in the Kindle Store; continually on three Medical bestseller lists since its publication; #1 and #2 on two different Political bestseller lists; #14 on the Thrillers bestseller list.

"Slick and sexy. All the sure elements of a big seller written by pros who know how to tell a story." Publishers Weekly

"Truly one of the best books I've ever read! I luuuvvved the international jet-setting element, and the characters were each riveting in their own unique ways. I simply could not put it down! If I could give it 10-Stars, I would! It's that good!!!" D. D. Scott, bestselling author.

Dr. Jenkins' miracle treatments give patients everything they want: youth, beauty, radiant vitality and sexual potency. No wonder he is worshipped by the celebrities who become his patients. No wonder his influence runs from the private island of an enigmatic Turkish billionaire with a bloody secret to the crimson-draped bedroom of a depraved, Mid-eastern Prince; from the private dressing rooms of world-famous artists to the heights of international society and the inner sanctums of the White House itself.

With a contemporary feel, HOOKED takes place in the mid-20th century when America was at the pinnacle of its power and prestige. Set in New York and Washington, a remote fishing village on the Turkish Riviera, Sweden, Vienna, Cairo and aboard Lydia, the world's most beautiful yacht.

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the operating theatre, NYTimes best-seller Ruth Harris and Michael Harris take on the medical-political thriller. Sleepless nights ahead for Daniel Silva and Tess Gerritsen as their crowns are threatened." Mark Williams, co-author of Sugar and Spice

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Ruth Harris is a New York Times and Amazon bestseller and a Romantic Times award winner for "best contemporary." Ruth's emotional, entertaining fiction has topped Amazon's prestigious Movers and Shakers list and her highly praised novels have sold millions of copies in hard cover, paperback and ebook editions, been translated into 19 languages, sold in 30 countries, and were prominent selections of leading book clubs including the Literary Guild and the Book Of The Month Club. In their e-book editions, Ruth's novels have been featured on Ereader News Today, Pixel of Ink and Kindle Nation Daily.

Ruth writes about strong, savvy, witty women who struggle to succeed and, when sometimes they don't get what they want, find something even better along the way. Critics have compared Ruth to Nora Ephron and Joan Didion and called her books "brilliant," "steamy," "stylishly written," "richly plotted," "first-class entertainment" and "a sure thing."

Ruth enjoyed a long career as an editor and publisher in legacy publishing and loved working with writers. With her husband, Michael, Ruth indulges her wild side and writes bestselling thrillers with vivid characters, international backgrounds and compelling plots. Their thrillers have made numerous appearances in the top 3 of Kindle's prestigious Movers & Shakers list; in the Top 100 in the Kindle Store; Hooked has appeared continually on three Medical bestseller lists since its publication; #1 and #2 on two different Political bestseller lists; #14 on the Thrillers bestseller list.

Publisher's Weekly called Ruth's and Michael's thrillers "Slick and sexy [with] all the sure elements of a big seller written by pros who know how to tell a story." Readers have raved, calling their books "awesome," "gripping," "chilling," "a must-read," and "a real page-turner."

It's no surprise Ruth is a writer. Her Mom was an RN who had a trove of big city hospital stories-some funny, some sad, some touching-and loved telling them. Her Dad loved words and language-Ruth still has his dictionaries-and he is remembered by those who knew him as "always reading." Ruth's paternal grandfather was noted for his extensive library and both her parents were avid readers: her Mom loved popular fiction and her Dad bought four or five newspapers every day and subscribed to what seemed to be every magazine published-from Life and Look to BusinessWeek and Organic Gardening.

As a girl, Ruth wanted to be a professional ice skater. In her teens, she wanted to be a lawyer-a summer job in a law office cured her! After college, she got a beginner's job in publishing and her career path-first as an editor and then as a writer-was set.

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