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Hospitals- Kindle Reading Time :)

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Ok, so I walked into the waiting room of the hospital, Kindle in hand. Eager to read, guilt free, and pass the time. Did I get to do that???
NO! Not one word. I spent the entire time answering people's questions on what it was that I had, how it worked, etc.  LOLOLOL

While I'm glad to spread the word on this amazing device, I was really wanting to R E A D!
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I have been in hospital waiting rooms many times and understand that the only thing you got done was to answer questions. I have always crocheted in situations like this. (prior to Kindle)  People will ask me all the time what are you making, is it hard to crochet, how long have you crochet ect. ect.
It is cool to show people our Kindles, who knows one of them might be a kindle owner to be.
Kinda "whew".  I thought you were going to say that hospital personnel said Kindles were a "no no" -- something about the electronics.  'Course that would only be the Whispernet maybe.
...not that this board hasn't taken some reading time away, too!  LOLOLOL, but fun  ;)
I say whew also.  I thought the same thing as Sandpiper when I read the title.  Being able to take my Kindle to the hospital is one of the biggest reasons I bought one.  My sister is in the hospital often (spina bifida), dad has heart problems, grandparents are in their 90s, so definitely a hospital is a place I want to be able to take a Kindle.  
Thanks for the heads up on all the interest though.  I'll try to find a quiet corner.  
did a quick edit in my title line to fix that confusion  ;D

I must admit that the topic title had me a bit worried, too!
thank you
People in hospital waiting rooms are usually worried, nervous, stressed, etc.  Talking about something completely NOT related to sickness is a good thing!

I went to the eye doctor today. . .had to get dilated.  Started on 1 but was up to 3 by the time they called me back again.  But I could still read!  Woo Hoo.  The doctor said I was the 3rd or 4th patient he'd seen with one. . he thought it was pretty cool.

(seeing at 20/15 after LASIK 9+ years ago. . . .doc said maybe they'd do a story on me for their newsletter when I reached 10 years even. . . . we'll see. . . . .)
OK, here is a way to Kindle in public.

1) Grab a big magazine off the table,

2) Open it up

3) Kover your Kindle with the Magazine

4) read
LOL.... undercover kindling  ;)

Vampyre said:
Kovert Kindling
even better, I like it!

We need to add that to our Kindle Vocabulary list!

Betsy the Quilter said:
We need to add that to our Kindle Vocabulary list!


1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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