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The only way to alter book content is via third party software. . .nothing using just the Kindle itself.

As suggested, Calibre (linked above) is one choice -- lots of folks here use it for a variety of things and find it quite powerful.  But it's not the most intuitive program so it's best to read all the documentation and watch the available videos. 

Now, I don't know if you can add a ToC with it; I have heard of people changing meta data so titles/authors show differently.  And I don't know whether adding a ToC would violate copyright or the terms of service agreed to when you bought the book.  I personally think it would be too much trouble for most books. ::)

For a book bought from Amazon that has no ToC, I would recommend using the feedback link at the bottom of the books product page and letting Amazon know -- that information does, I believe, get passed on to the publisher who would be the one who decided to include such a thing or not.  It won't solve your problem immediately but maybe they'll fix it for later purchasers -- and even offer an update for earlier purchasers.
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