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how do I return an e-book to Free Library of Philadelphia

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Hi - any help is greatly appreciated.  I have the Kindle Fire HD, and read an e-book for the first time.  Before retiring, I only 'borrowed' audio books, and had no trouble returning them.  I did not "Borrow" this book by downloading it, but I read it in my browser.  when I go to my bookshelf, it says your bookshelf is empty, and my download queue is empty,  but when I go to my account, it shows 1 item checked out. It says if I downloaded a title, the Return Title Button will disappear. But, I did not download it, I only read it in my browser. How do I return the book?  My borrow/download time is 2 weeks, so I have 12 more days available.  It does say if I delete the book from the device, that does not return the book.  will this automatically delete without showing I personally did not return the book when it was due?    I am using the OverDrive Media Console app.

I just have no idea how to return a book that is in my 'browser' for reading....

thank you so much for any help !

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When I borrow a book from the NH Overdrive library, I return it from the Amazon "Manage My Content" page. You need to go to the Amazon website both to initiate the download and to return the book. But I'm not using a browser or the same library, so this may not work for you.
You can go  your overdrive app and click on your account, then your books you have out should show up and there is a place to click on the book and return it.
I use the Free Library of Philadelphia through OverDrive but on my Kindle or iPad, so I'm not sure if reading a borrowed book in your browser is any different.  All borrowed content is managed through your account.  Just go to your "Manage My Content" page as GBear suggested, and it should give you the option of returning the book.  If you do not return the book through that method, it should simply disappear the day it is due.  No such thing as an overdue borrowed ebook!  :D Their website (and perhaps a phone number?) is

They are a great place to borrow books!  Hope this helps you.
The Amazon "Manage My Content" page is available in the Kindle computer app, at least in Kindle for PC. In the main menu at the top, look under Tools and select Manage Your Kindle.

For eBooks in other formats that are read in the Overdrive for Windows or Adobe Digital Editions app, there's no option to "return" the books ahead of time. You just have to wait for the borrowing period to expire; then the eBook will go away.
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