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How do the top free 100 listings work?

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Hi all,

Quick question for my fellow KBers. Inside Evil is currently ranked at #683 in the freebie store and #2 for Occult. However, IE is in two categories in my bookshelf - occult and fantasy/contemporary. I've seen other books where they're listed in the top 100 for both the categories they're in. Does anyone know why IE isn't in the fantasy/contemporary list as well? I've looked at other top 100 listed books and their overall ranking is far lower than IE's currently at.

Not having a grumble....just curious as to how it works.  ;)
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TexasGirl said:
This has happened to me several times, but it wasn't that I wasn't IN the top 100 of the category, just that Amazon wasn't pulling the data of that field onto my product description page.

If I went to the actual category list, and scrolled through it, I'd find myself.
It's so odd. I mean, it doesn't really matter, as I'm getting downloads. It's more for egotistical reasons.....'hey, I'm Top 100 in TWO categories....' ;D
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