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How Do We Check Sales On Amazon?

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Most of my sales are on Amazon Kindle or with Lulu, but how do we check how many sales have been made on Amazon of our paperbacks and where does the money go? I have been informed by some that they bought my books on Amazon and yet I don't have any clue where the money goes or how to check on it. Can anyone help with this please? Thanks
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If you go to your Kindle Direct Publishing 'Bookshelf', you'll see a button that says 'Reports'. Click on that and then on 'Month to date unit sales'. It will give you your sales for Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE (Germany).  8)
Thanks for that, but that is only Kindle sales and I can see those.

It's the paperback sales I can't find anywhere.

Also, the dashboard for my Kindle blogs doesn't work and hasn't for weeks now either.
Go to your Author Central account - it'll give you detailed stats on sales of both your Kindle and paperback editions.
Can you see your sales through your Lulu account?  

If that's the avenue you used for your print book - that's where you'd have to see the sales.  
Ah, it was Lulu for the paperback.  So sales I see on there are often ones from here and elsewhere? Thank you.
Lulu should show you where the sale occurred.  I don't know much about that avenue.  I use CreateSpace and I can see whether the sale was through Createspace direct, Amazon or an Expanded distribution sale. 

If you have an Author Central account - you can see the specific Amazon sales there as Andrew pointed out. 

Hope this helps.
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