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The travel bag would be pushing it to carry everything unless you have a very slim wallet.  I actually purchased a secondary wallet for when I have to go strictly with using the travel bag.

Also, I believe that the modified BB purse someone else mentioned has a non padded Kindle pocket. She was going to use it with a cover.  Even with a padded pocket, there's no way I'd put a naked kindle into most purses without a little more protection than that.  Most of us do carry more with us than we probably should, and mere padding alone isn't dependable when you're dealing with a fragile screen.

I quickly found that my purse collection didn't fit my Oberon/Kindle combination (yes, that was an excuse to buy new purses!)  I also found that I really didn't like the added weight of the Oberon, both in reading, and in carrying.  Even those of us who used to carry books everywhere we went generally didn't carry hardcovers, and that's really what you're looking at weight-wise.  The bulk kept many of my purses from closing, and because it was so pretty, I felt like it HAD to have an additional bag to protect it from everything else.  More weight & more space taken up!

Tried the BB naked Kindle sleeve. I love Melissa, I have several of her products, but I never felt this one was safe enough.  The padding, again, takes up a fair amount of space in a purse, and I had to reinforce it with other things across the screen area to make it feel more protective.  I was just never comfortable with that idea.  As far as neoprene goes, again, I wouldn't trust it as a full time carry solution for the same reasons as the naked Kindle bag--not enough rigidity in the front to protect the screen against impacts.  I have a neoprene carrier for my SLR camera body & lenses--even the creator says "this is not a full time bag!"

Last week, I finally bought the Amazon K2 cover, and that's what I'm using 100% around the house now.  It's a lot lighter than the Oberon, a lot slimmer, and I've found I really like the feel of the soft dark grey liner. I'd have no issue with carrying it in my purse, although I would definitely want to use an elastic closure of some sort. The hinges mean I have the floating look without the noise & lint catching abilities of velcro, and though I liked the corners on the Oberon well enough, now that I don't have to see them constantly, I much prefer doing without them.  The big disadvantage to the Amazon cover, of course, is the boring appearance--I plan to recover it as others on the board have recently.  The Oberon has sat in a drawer since the Amazon cover came home.  I could get away with no cover at all, but I need a place to put my book light. :)

For outside the house currently, I use a TrendyDigital Simplicity Sleeve. This has been wonderful!  It has an even slimmer and lighter form factor than the Amazon cover, and yet when you handle one, you'll figure out quickly that it provides good protection for the Kindle.  Because it's not real leather, and it's passed my scratch tests, I don't need a second bag to protect IT from my purse.  And it fits in purses that the Oberon took up too much room in; in fact, because of its shorter height and width, I can often put it sideways in purses that otherwise couldn't carry a kindle.  Could I drop the Kindle while reading it without a cover?  Of course I could, but I'm a lot more careful with it when it's outside the sleeve, and day to day I've found I read it far more at home anyway.  And I went with SquareTrade's extended warranty with accidental damage coverage just in case.

From what I've read, I don't see any reason you couldn't put an M-Edge or Noreve directly into a purse, and either of them should provide good protection, as does the Oberon.  We've got a weight thread around somewhere that lists weights for most of the covers on the market if that's your concern, and we've also had a number of people here who've tried more than one brand, so comparisons aren't uncommon.  You should be able to find a ton of information on each brand here, and when you narrow things down more specifically, there will be someone here with the options you're looking at who can answer more specific questions.
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