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How Do You Make Your Marketing Work?

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Okay... I know I'm asking a lot, I know no one here knows me, I know I haven't made a name for myself one bit, but I'm serious about pursuing and putting books out.  Right now, by the end of this month I'll have 6 additional non-fiction books and a good amount of erotica under two pennames and a novel that's in createspace right now and that I'm fixing the proof of.  Let's talk 2013 marketing.

Right now I've used KDP Select exclusively for all marketing.  I'm changing that this year.  I've been able to get 500 sales of my books in the last 5 months, but, it's time to up the ante in my opinion and really get to work.  Here's what I've come up with to do from going around these boards.  Let's add to the list.

Have a blog that's got at a minimum bi-weekly posts (John Locke Recommended not posting to the blog daily)
Article Submission
Press Releases
Youtube Videos
Forum Posting
Goodreads Forums
Goodreads Giveaways
Librarything (if the book isn't on select) uploaded giveaways
Contact Blogs And Try To Get Guest Posts, Inteviews, Reviews
Write A Lot Of Works and Publish Them--Every Short Story, Every Novelette, Every Novella, Every Novel, Every Non-Fiction Work
Brand Everything To It's Niche: If It's non-fiction self help link the books together with a brand.  If it's mystery make sure the covers--even with unrelated novels--have similarities that are charateristic of your novels.  Romance same thing.
Keep Author's Page Up To Date--Create Author Page For Every Pen Name
Have Facebook Fan Account For Every Penname for Readers to like and comment on
Have Twitter Account For Fans To Like And Comment On
Have Emails For Fans To Message You And Talk To You With under author pennames

Am I missing something?  Is there anything else that I haven't gotten to?  Are there anything else you're planning to do?
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This is a great list and I am considering a marketing plan very similar. I've only dipped my toes in paid advertising and this year I'd like to do more.
I am going to try some multiple facebook ads.. ones for specific books and ones to drive people to my fan page.

Can you or anyone on here recommend where to send press releases or what service to use?
I write horror, fantasy and sci-fi, does anyone know where you would do a press release for them? I was going to try to place some web ads on horror sites that do movie reviews, book reviews, etc to catch my targeted audience.
Excellent list!  Man.  I need to do... things... these things... I need to do them.  You caught everything my brain could think of and then some.  I hereby decree 2013 as The Year of The Then Some!
Someone put up a large success with, I don't know, I'ven ever used wattpad before, I don't write young adult fiction, but, that might be something to check out as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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