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How far in advance do you need to book promo slots for Select?

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The above question relates to a new work (no reviews) being made available on Select.

Am planning on doing Select in the next month or will it take much longer to organise effective promo?
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Great question! I'd like to see the response from some of the more seasoned authors. I didn't do any promotion for my E-Book on my last few free days and so I suppose it could have done MUCH better if I had.
Some sites like one, two or four weeks notice before a free promotion, so that they've got time to schedule you.
Without reviews, some of the bigger sites will not feature you. It's best to get some reviews before doing a freebie - although I know it's hard to get started and get reviewed :)
Varies a huge amount. Some of those sites want weeks. Others will do it day of.

I just did my rounds today on a bunch of sites for my promos (25-28 and 26-28) and I've gotten confirmation of listings from five to ten outlets. I know there are some that won't get to me, but I am sure others will.

In general mu suggestion would be to make absolutely sure that you have a good, solid face (cover, which was weak last promo I did, was not helping me as well as blurb and sample) to lead with, have as many reviews as you can, and apply a week in advance if possible. Longer is probably better.
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