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How long for an uploaded book to appear in itunes?

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I uploaded two books on itunes on Sunday and so far nothing.
Does anyone know how long they take to process it?
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How did you upload them? Did you go directly to itunes or use a distributor, like Smashwords?

I used Smashwords last October and my book was up on itunes in just a few days. But it all depends on the genre and the book. Sometimes Apple manually reviews books and it can take longer for them to show up.
I did it all by myself.
One book went through the process easily
I went a little batty and re did the other book 30 times before I stopped getting an error message.
It's adult romance.
Ah. Well, I've never gone to Apple directly so I don't have any experience with that. I know that I've heard all range of times though, from a few hours to a few weeks...
Lady_O said:
I uploaded two books on itunes on Sunday and so far nothing.
Does anyone know how long they take to process it?
They are funny about erotica... and unfortunately I don't mean 'funny haha'. :-[

I've never uploaded to them direct, but I'm not sure it makes a difference if your book has sexual themes. Some stuff goes up in a couple of hours; others... well, who knows. Case in point, I have less than half my titles up on Apple, but it's not for want of trying. And neither have any been technically rejected (as far as I know.)

I tried to figure out the reasons, but the stuff that was accepted in a few hours was equally as sexual as the stuff that wasn't... sometimes more so bearing in mind the cover or content.

I've always wondered if direct (I use smash and D2D) for Apple would result in all my titles actually going up quicker. I'll be interested to know how long yours will take.
I uploaded a new book to itunes yesterday through Draft2Digital. Nothing yet. Not that I expected it, but I had to check. :)

If mine shows up soon, I'll post here.
The very 1st uploads took about 2 weeks to approve. And then about 48 hours after that. Except at Xmas b/c they took 2 weeks off.
I uploaded on the 7th and it's still not on iTunes. I've just emailed to ask why not. Usually it only takes a day or 2, never this long.

T.L. Haddix said:
Deanna assured me that once you've gotten the first book/s up there, the subsequent ones usually go faster. Usually.
Yeah, once you've worked out the kinks, the process is much faster.
My last one took eight days. It was the ninth book I've uploaded to iTunes, and it was definitely not erotica.

I've given up trying to figure it out, but it's a nightmare when you're trying to launch a book.
2 weeks first time. 48 hours thereafter, with a caveat for erotica as they actually read through those suckers looking for dubcon, beasts, and daddies, which can add up to a week, and can get you silently unapproved.

Price changes and updates go through very fast. Within a day. Just did that yesterday, was live before midnight.

And talk about ledges--I had to submit my update six times to get it through. I could NOT figure out which image was too big, so had to resubmit one by one. It was over by like 10 pixels. Maddening!
I uploaded one last Friday and it's still not up either. They've been taking forever lately. Usually a week or so. It's very frustrating. And it's not just for erotica. They've been slow for my straight mysteries lately as well.
Wow, now I know why my formatter was stunned when she uploaded Marquess for me on January 27 (the only book I have direct on iTunes atm.) The book went live in *two hours*. After reading this thread, I'll know to expect a much longer wait next time!
AnitaDobs said:
I'll be interested to know how long yours will take.
I'll let you know when it does. So far I have not heard back, I'm assuming they will send an email when it goes live BUT nevertheless I will check on itunes just to see.
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