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How Long For Scribd Borrows Reports on D2D?

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I've looked, and looked, and I can't seem to find this answer. I am getting reviews on my Scribd books, so I hope that means someone read them.

I know there is definitely a delay on Scribd in terms of reporting to D2D, but anyone know what it is and willing to just tell me? You're awesome!
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If I remember correctly, Scribd only reports monthly, or thereabouts.
I think Scribd reviews come from LibraryThing, but I might be wrong. Worth checking though.
I received a royalty report for October/November Scribd sales on January 6th and don't think they show up on the sales dashboard before that.  So, up to three months?

Sorry, let me correct that a bit: I also had an e-mail for November sales in mid-December.  So, that just makes it up to six weeks or so.
They're running late this month. Usually the reports for the month before come out the third week. I contacted D2D support to ask about their status, and they said they haven't gotten them from Scribd yet. But the reports seemed on the up and up prior to this...I just think they're delayed for some reason right now.
I published on D2D in July, 2014 and received payments in October, 2014, which included Scribd. After October, 2014, I have received a payment every month. I checked my email from D2D and the last one, to the best of my knowledge, was for December 15, 2014 sales from Scribd, and it stated that payments would be in my account in February, 2015. My total payments arrived on Feb. 9, 2015 one day early.
Moreover, I haven't received an email this month concerning a payment from Scribd. 
I can't complain since leaving KU I've made back what I was and more by going wide. But getting used to the various reporting structures . . . Well I'm a bit spoiled from Amazon lol.
Oh and thank you everyone!! :)
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