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How many books can you publish on one account?

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Hi everyone,

This may have been answered somewhere else but I simply cannot find it anywhere online...

We all know that we are only allowed one KDP publishing/author account but is there a limit on the amount of books that you can release under one account name?

Imagine that over a period of many years under different pen names you find that you had over a hundred or more stories published through one account - is that acceptable?

I can't find the answer anywhere :( If anyone knows, it would be much appreciated!!!!! :)
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I believe we already have authors here (that come to WC) that have over a hundred pieces up.
I'm not aware that they have specified a limit.
Mind you there are small press publishers using the services too, with hundreds of titles. I don't know of any that have reported running into a limit yet. said:
Crikey! I suppose if publishing houses use KDP then there should be no limit unless each author is set up under a different account?

I suppose one author could go on and write many hundreds of books...
I know tons and tons of webmasters that publish 100 books daily so I highly doubt there is a limit. :)
TattooedWriter said:
There is no limit.
Im going to guess that what ever SQL server or database Amazon uses has some ceiling on the number of individual entries. Like a signed long integer. So maybe 2,147,483,647?

Also the monthly report is an Excel file. I'm sure there is some crappy limit to the file size that would eventually break it.
I figure there's a "search" function for a reason.  ;D
I fear that eventually Amazon is going to make it harder for the average Joe to publish an ebook. 

My instinct tells me their are gonna pull a bait and switch... and eventually only certain authors will be allowed into their kingdom.  I hope I'm wrong.
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