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How many titles do you expect to publish in 2013?

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I'm aiming for 5, which will be quite ambitious for me, but I actually think doable. Some of them are already written (or partly written) and just need to be revised, and others are novellas. One will be co-authored so I won't be writing to entire novel myself.

It works out to 150,000 words of new writing. I think it's definitely possible.

What are you aiming for?
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None. A couple more months of editing, then months of crits and betas, then run it through an editor. I'm looking at 2014. To each his own, eh?
At least four major books, and 8-12 shorts.
Which would bring my total up to approximately 10 major books and 20 shorts.
Rough estimate.
I've been toying around with setting my goal between 300-400K words published. I don't know exactly how this is going to break down, and don't want to set myself into anything and then change my mind later on. As long as I'm writing, and publishing, I'm pretty content :).
I'm hoping for six--at least half will be novellas.
Since I've been knocked on my butt by throwing my back out, it's hard to say, but I'm hoping to get back on track before March, so, let's say 5 shortish things.
6 novels and 9 novella's minimum is my goal.

I also went to part-time at my job to help me accomplish it! :)
24 for my series Very Ugly Stories. I figure I can do two a month.
I want to get three or four volumes out in my new series. Aiming at around 30,000 words for each volume. I also need to get another volume out on my first series, but that is mostly written and more editing than anything else.

Cheers to everyone! Hopefully we can all meet our writing goals in 2013.  ;D
About 45. 40 will be new writing, the others collections/omnibus editions. (9 novellas, 31 novels, about 1,700,00 words)
Hey, Amanda! Hey! Hey! (I'm excited to see a familiar face, can you tell? ;) )

150k in one year is definitely doable. Yay for making a goal! I need to look at my business plan again, but I know I'm slotted to do three full-length novels in 2013, and I think two novellas/shorts. Two full-length novels is probably a much more comfortable goal for me, but I'm going to push for three and see if I can handle it.
I have 8 new releases in 2012, but 3 are already written, so I only have to write 5. Plus two novellas for a couple of anthologies I've been included in. I'm just keeping my focus on January of 2014, where I'm going to take at least a month off and go somewhere. Maybe a castle. Or an island.
I'm shooting for five full length, at least twelve shorts, and one novella.

Edit to say:  I totally forgot about my non-fiction - I typically do one a week, but last year I slacked because of the fiction stuff.  This year I'm gonna do three a month for the first six months, then only holiday themed units after that.

So 18 - 22 non-fiction shorts and online courses as well.
I'd like to say two, but the realistic me that sits on my shoulder insists on one.

And in my Writer's Group, I'm the full-speed-ahead guy. I'm the only one in that group that published anything this year, and I think the same might be true next year. Of course, several of them are intent on going the trad route, so we know how that timeline works.
Either 3 & 1 short OR 6 & 1 short & 1 non-fiction, depending on how certain life things go/when they hit.
Aiming for 4 novels (hoping to have the rough draft for the first one done this week); 4 short stories; 2 novelettes; 2 story collections (for which most of the stories are already written but unreleased). It totals about 300k words of writing, so 25k per month.

This doesn't include, for example, a plan to get at least one story translated, and maybe a few into audio format. And a short story that's all ready for publication, but it's on submission atm. I should be hearing back from the editor any day now.

I have a fifth novel and at least one other novella that I'm hoping to finish writing, too, but I'll be seeking publishers for those, so I doubt they'll appear in 2013, even if I manage to finish and sell them next year.

I'm hoping I'll have most of this done and be re-plotting what to do, come June… :)
Right now I'm shooting for two novellas, a short story collection, and possibly my first novel-length work. Based on how those go, then I'll see if I have time for more. :)
Probably six, I'd think. Eight if I really hate myself and don't want to see my family at all. Mostly novels on the shorter end of the spectrum (60-70k), but two will be 100k+.
In my insane version of my mind, I'm going to put out 4 full-length titles. It will be awesome! I will rock! I will never have to rewrite anything!

In my slightly-too-chipper version of reality, 3. This is not entirely impossible. It might even happen.

In all reality, I'm going to count it as a win if I manage 2.

I'm in awe of everyone who writes more. My hat is off to you.
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