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How our son knows his Dad has "arrived" as an author ;)

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This morning our ten-year-old son was excited to tell us that while playing the popular video game Minecraft on an online, public server, he came across another player going by the username "JoelFromDarkGrid."  (Joel being one of the main characters in DH's series.)  Needless to say, DS was pretty proud. :)
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That is great! I'm sure he's very proud:)
Very cool!
That's the kind of thing you think only happens to Stephen King or James Patterson or JK Rowling. DH has indeed arrived!
I think that's the most "awesome" thing I've read on here for quite some time. Kool with a Kaptial K.

Cheers Larry.
Very cool! I'll bet your son will be telling that tale to all his friends  ;D
That is very cool!!

My daughter was 7 when I published my first mystery in print. She brought it to her grade two class for show and tell, and the teacher told her she was famous because her mom was a writer. She was really proud.

When my son reached that age and I'd brought out my second mystery, he was embarrassed by the attention. :)

So cool. :)

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I think you should be more concerned about your fictional character suddenly coming to life.
What a cool day is that!

My sons, only one of which still lives at home, but all three wonder if dad's flipped or something, what with all this writing. I can only dream of the day when I'm not only published, but one of their friends say something to them about having read my book. It would be especially gratifying since they know their dad has clay feet.

Enjoy it while you can.
That's right up there on the success food chain as getting an action figure made of yourself!  CONGRATS!  ARRIVAL INDEED!
That's so cool. I catch people using Darklandia and some of the phrases I coined in that book sometimes on Twitter. It's pretty cool. I wish I could join in their little conversations, but I don't want to be the creepy author who stalks search terms.
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