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+1 it's both income and expenses. The day job is just as risky as publishing books. Work on writing more books and reducing expenses.
Have you seen the youtube Tiny House videos? Get some ideas from them about pursuing a life without a mortgage. Sell the new car with a seven year loan and buy a good used car for cash. Chop the phone plan down and get out from under the daily Starbucks addiction. Soon you will find that where your savings would previously only last a few months of no income you are now able to last a year or more.

If you have a few successful books you should be cautious that you don't mess with their keywords until they are not working. Too many times a book is selling great because it somehow got linked to another title or event where it gets splashed on the recommendation pages. Then a well intentioned author tries to tweak the keywords or the listing slightly and accidentally clips that link where the book falls back into obscurity.

1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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