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How many series do you have? How many of them sell? For how long have they been successful?

I ask because I've seen people here hit it out of the park with one series because they hit the market with X just when the market was looking for X. They thought they were a genius that had cracked the code, but in truth, they'd just gotten lucky. When the fad for X passed, their series didn't sell anymore. A good series about X should earn beyond X's popularity.

If you have some books that have been successful over time and have been exceeding your expenses (and savings goals!) for a while and have also put away at least a years cushion, then you're a candidate for quitting your day job. Do know, the business is very unstable, and you will have bad years. Also, make sure you know just how much insurance will cost you, and how much taxes will eat into your income.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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