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Hi Everyone,

If you are wanting to learn how to grow an incredibly nutritious food at home, to take in the nutritional bounty from the most nutritious food on our planet, then my How to Grow Glorious Wheatgrass at Home Tutorial will be perfect for you.

Unable to grow my own wheatgrass successfully with various resources at hand, I knew it was important to write a book to lead others to successfully grow wheatgrass in highly mineral rich soil - as is the soil, so is the plant, and so is our health.

I share four easy to follow, step-by-step growing wheatgrass methods, accompanied by over 200 pictures, to grow a beautiful batch of this unsurpassed and fantastic food source. And to make sure the minerals are first in the soil for the wheatgrass to be able to absorb them, I tap into the sustainable salty fertilizer from the magnificent ocean itself.

I hope to not only teach how to grow truly glorious wheatgrass, but also on why healthy grasslands around the world are so valuable for both animal and human health. And I wish to bring further attention to ocean based fertilization which I believe holds tremendous potential for an enhanced tomorrow.

I hope you are able to grow and consume this marvelous green food so you can experience its great nourishment and tremendous benefits.

All the best,

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