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IndieEuroAuthor said:
Paid promotions and approaching bloggers to review your book. I know it all too well cause I strictly do not use any social media sites. I do have a FB account for advertisement campaign purposes but I don't use it for any other reason (it's an empty account).
Thanks. I spent some time asking for reviews and got them in exchange for freebies. I don't get Facebook. Don't even talk to me about Twitter.


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The only steady, continually reliable way for me to gather readers for my books has been swapping "ads" in other authors' newsletters.

That's connected with social media, because I connect with the other authors through a very active Facebook group. Beyond that, Facebook and Twitter do me no good whatsoever, and almost no one visits my website.

I do a paid newsletter spot (usually Robin Reads) now and then, but swapping is my go-to plan with each new book.

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Markèting books is quite simple:

1. Build your newsletter with website sign up forms and driving people to it from your books
2. Newsletter swapping
3. Buy book promos on BookBub and other sites
4. Write opinion posts/book reviews/movie reviews on your website (study blog to see what stuff they write, its not rocket science, any author can write those posts)
5. Ads (social media ads aren't really 'social media', buying ads is buying ads, completely separate skill from engaging people on social networks, it's perfect for those who don't want to in fact)
6. Forums like this but for readers
7. Cross-promote with other authors (doesn't need to be only newsletter swaps, you can write posts on their sites, their on yours etc)
8. Contacting book reviewers/bloggers
9. Write for websites that have people who read your book genre (can be something like a mommy blog even... millions of them on all kinds of topics... share your experience from real life but have a link to your author website or Amazon book)
10. Write for websites that review similar genre movies (many people will cross the genre and read those books too)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something else...  these are off the top of my head. Not saying it's easy, just simple. But it's plenty of stuff to pick from and do consistently.

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