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How to return? ~ I got two 8.9 Fires

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What would you do if you ordered a fire for yourself and your husband (or someone :))also bought one for you? I haven't opened the one I bought yet, but this one is being called my fourth kindle by Amazon, so I guess the unopened one, which I ordered from Amazon, is already registered in my name.  I know I could go online and read their return policy, but I know that some of you ladies are experts at returning stuff.  So,any advice?
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My husband bought me a PW for Christmas and he didn't buy it though my account so I had to register it.
I would think that if your husband bought it through your account, you'd have a fourth and fifth Kindle showing up, so my guess would be that returning the one he bought would be easiest.
Just a guess, maybe others will have more information.
Nice gift, though, and very thoughtful husband!
Send the unopend one to the following address:  HappyGuy c/o 4084 ... not gonna do that are you?

Actually, to return it, just call Amazon customer service, explain and they'll let you return the unopened one. Some one else here will post the customer service numbers. You probably want to make sure you call Kindle customer service, not Amazon customer service.
The unopened one was my third kindle.  but I was typing on the kindle screen, so I kept it short. Good idea about calling kindle service.  I knew it would make more sense in one way to open the one I ordered, but the other one was a thoughtful - and unexpected, gift - so of course that's the one I'll keep, though usually I'm pretty practical.  Besides, my husband bought it at a store, so he would probably have to return it there.  I wouldn't feel good asking him to do that.
Here's Amazon's instructions for returning a Kindle:

Just be sure and do it within 30 days of purchase. Good luck!
And if you want to talk to Kindle CS, their phone number is:

Amazon US customers inside the US: 1-866-321-8851, outside the US: 1-206-266-0927. Other customers, see here.

Merry Christmas!

I suspect that if you explain, when you contact Amazon, that you'd ordered it but then unexpectedly got one as a gift, they might not even charge you the return shipping. ::)  You do HAVE to contact them first to get return authorization -- they'll also provide a shipping label you can print so all you have to do is box it up and turn it over to UPS.
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