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How to transfer older magazine issues to computer to save.

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I know that Amazon automatically deletes older issues of magazines. They say that if you want to save them, you need to transfer them to your PC, but they don't really tell you how. I have been trying to search in this forum, but for the last 40 minutes everything that I find, does not tell me how.

I have a subscription to Reminisce Magazine, and As soon as the next issue is released, my 1st issue will disappear. Can someone please tell me the steps to save the older issues?

Thank you!
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On the Kindle e-ink issues, you have to indicate you want to keep past issues by selecting the issue and then selecting "keep." 

On the Fire, I'm looking at some of the magazines I've subscribed to and I have my past issues.  Granted, I haven't keep any magazine subscriptions over a year, but Birds & Blooms has eight issues on my device.  If I go to Newstand, for any magazines I get through there, I just tap on the magazine and it opens to show me how many issues are available to me.  I tap on the specific issue I want downloaded to my device.  Other magazines, I open the app and the issues available to me are shown within the app.

I'm not aware of any need to move individual issues to my PC (nor of any way to do so....).

Where did you read this?

I think moving to a PC for archiving was advocated early on for saving back issues. . . . .It's possible the K1 didn't have the 'keep' feature, not sure about the K2 as I never had one of those.  The K3 and later definitely have it, however.  And if you say 'keep' it will not be automatically removed after time expires.

For reference, I have Washington Post delivered daily.  It keeps 7 back issues automatically on the device.  To test, I just asked it to 'keep' the one from Dec 27 which had been listed as 'expiring'.  I won't know until tomorrow for sure, but I expect it will still be there and I will ALSO have the 7 most recent issues.

I can access up to 2 weeks of back issues via the Archive and it looks like previous issues I've 'kept' are there too.

Usually, I find it easier to just 'clip' an article of interest. . .though the Fire does not have that feature when reading the Post. :-\

I've also been known, when reading articles I want to share, to just go find it online and share it that way.
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