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Humorous horror novel Zombies Anonymous

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If you add a droplet of water to the sea would anyone notice? It's like farting during a hurricane - a good idiom? Pebble on a beach? A second in an eternity. An atom in a cosmos? A hair on a sea otter? A turd in the London sewer? A star in the sky? A human being in a global village? A leaf in a forest. Ant in an ant hill. Cell in a body. A sperm in an ejaculation.

Feel free do contribute your aphorism of insignificance.

Novel Zombies Anonymous

In a very brief summary Zombies Anonymous is: 'Sad, funny, poignant, shocking, horrifying and revolting' and concerns the life, death and undeath of Archibald Griest.

In a little more detail: As a member of the undead, even though he retains his faculties, Archie is rejected by family, friends, work colleagues and has no legal rights. In fact, as a zombie, there's no washing--up to do. Archie forms a support group called Zombies Anonymous to discuss this new state of supernatural existence with other zombies including: The problem of slowly rotting; the predilection of the living to bury while you're asleep and whether Chanel No. 5 can cover the smell. But, as the number of zombies rise, the living residents of his home-town of Springdale go from curious to hostile. The behaviour of the living horrify the zombies. This leads Archie to consider going from a convener of a support group to a leader of a revolution.

The novel is available from Amazon on the Kindle and will also have a print edition in the near future.

If you would like to see a little more go to
There is also a blog of mental mutterings
and on twitter (the sewage system for mental excrement) some shorter mutterings.
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Is there a link for the book on Amazon? Thanks!
Thanks Betsy & Ann. Thought I was in trouble for a moment. Will do with avatar and profile signature.

@Dana Burkey, thanks for the interest. here you go. You can also get further info from the web site.
frogman said:
Thanks Betsy & Ann. Thought I was in trouble for a moment. Will do with avatar and profile signature.

@Dana Burkey, thanks for the interest. here you go. You can also get further info from the web site.
Thanks!!! It reminds me of one of my favorite Netflix finds: Ahhhh, Zombies! Similar kind of humor it sounds like, so I will for sure be checking this out!!
Thanks for the positive response. Several people have read it so far and found it entertaining.

Good fortune with your own endeavours, Mark. :D
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